Southeast Region Emergency Medical Services Council (SEREMS) was incorporated 5 May 1977 to aid in the improvement, advancement, and growth of emergency medical services throughout the communities of Southeast Alaska. With the annual renewal of our grant funding, SEREMS Council has aided the State of Alaska, Department of Health and Social Services, Section of Injury Prevention and EMS by providing the manpower to help accomplish goals that otherwise could not be completed. Though an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we play an integral part of the Injury Prevention and EMS network.

SEREMS Council serves as a highly utilized support mechanism for emergency medical services, fire departments, and clinics throughout our region. We help with the coordination of training for professional and volunteer providers. We aid in the acquisition of medical supplies, and training equipment. Our knowledge base and experience provides critical support to the administrative needs of volunteer services. 

Those who provide emergency medical services in Southeast Alaska are a close knit and unique group of people. Successes are appreciated by all. Crisis and heartbreak are felt by all. Over the years, SEREMS Council has been looked to by large and small services alike for logistical, administrative, and most importantly moral support. Just as they are there for their communities, we are there for them. 

Southeast Region EMS Council has many successes to be proud of, and many more challenges to face. With continued support from the State of Alaska, we can continue to strive for the best emergency medical care for all.