Scholarship Information

Scholarship funds are available to assist current and potential EMS personnel in Southeast Alaska with the cost of EMS training.

Scholarship qualifications are as follows:

  1. Must be a volunteer with an EMS, Fire or Rescue Organization in Southeast Alaska. (Career EMS and Clinical personnel will be funded as a second priority.)
  2. Must use the scholarship on a SEREMS Council sponsored course or preceptorship, where available.
  3. Must apply for scholarship a minimum of two weeks before course date.
  4. Must have a letter of support from the organization to which the individual belongs.
  5. The current community profile report for the community the individual represents must be on file at the SEREMS Council office.
  6. Must timely submit all requested documentation.

Students will be notified by email, mail, or telephone if their scholarship application has been approved or denied. If approved, the scholarship REIMBURSEMENT will be provided upon receipt of:

  1. Documentation that the course was successfully completed.
  2. Documentation showing expenses incurred by student for that training.

The reimbursement amount is determined by the following guidelines for course tuition and travel expenses.

  • Up To $500.00 per individual or Up To $1000.00 per community
  • Only one scholarship will be awarded per person or community per fiscal year (July 1-June 30)
  • VSCs (Very Small Communities) = 100% (Edna Bay, Elfin Cove, Game Creek, Hollis, Hyder, Kasaan, Meyers Chuck, Naukati, Port Alexander, Port Protection, Whale Pass)
  • Level 1 Communities = 75% (Angoon, Coffman Cove, Hydaburg, Klukwan, Pelican, Tenakee Springs, Thorne Bay)
  • Level 2,3,4 Communities = 50% (any communities not listed above)

Priority will be given to scholarships requested for primary education (ETT, EMT-1, EMT-2, EMT-3), then secondary education areas (EMS specialty courses, preceptorships, rescue courses, and clinical courses). Funds will be allocated based on availability. The program is open to all EMS Providers in Southeast Alaska.