Emergency Medical Technician

A reminder for All EMS Providers and Instructors 

If your EMT-1 certification or ETT Instructor recertification date is December 31, 2015 please review your continuing education requirements as soon as possible.  If you have not started the recertification process, we recommend you begin now.  All applications must be submitted online. October 1st will be the recommended start time for completing applications.

The following page provides information regarding training requirements.


To complete the recertification process go to the  following link:


This is the Public Portal link where you can submit applications or continue any applications that you have started, pay application fees, and view your transactions.  The new forms The passwords may be different from the Aurora PCR data program.


Application fees for initial and recertification continues to be $25.00.

A one-time 60-day $25.00 Certification Extension by an applicant for recertification as an EMT or Instructor must be paid prior to expiration.

-A nonrefundable late fee of $50 will be due for recertification requests received after the expiration date listed on the applicant’s certificate.

The department may waive late fees only if the department determines that extenuating circumstances existed.

 If you have not recertified or applied for your 60 day extension by December 31 2015, your EMT-1 or ETT Instructor certification will not be valid until you recertify or request an extension.

If you have any questions please call the EMS Office at (907) 465-8741