Ensuring the best possible emergency health care throughout Southeast Alaska.

SEREMS Council is a non-profit, grant funded organization that provides the following services in Southeast Alaska:
  • Training
  • Annual Symposium
  • Certification Examination
  • Advising
  • Technical Assistance
  • Grants
  • Equipment
  • Instructional Materials
  • American Heart Association (AHA) Training Center
  • Alaska Comfort One Program
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Save the dates:
  • The 21st Annual Interior EMS Symposium March 25-28, 2015.  For more information please visit, http://www.iremsc.org
  • Annual Southeast EMS Symposium April 16-19, 2015 in Juneau.  Please click on the symposium tab for more information.
The First Responder Run Sheets with duplicate form are ready to order, please contact office at 907.747.8005 to place your order.

The 9th edition of the ETT book has arrived.  For pricing and orders please contact Thor at 907.747.8005

Longenbough Memorial Award:
Dr. George Longenbaugh was a pioneer in Alaska EMS.  This award honors a physician who exemplifies leadership and dedication to EMS systems and, through his or her efforts, has significantly promoted the Alaska EMS system.  This year's 2014 award was presented by the Governor's Alaska Council on EMS to David McCandless, MD.  In recognition for his dedicated leadership as a Medical Director who has advanced EMS in Southeast Alaska's remote and rural communities.

David McCandless, MD and wife Valerie